Snickers oatmeal

A delicious oatmeal with taste of peanut, banana and chocolate
By: Caroline Eléhn, @snacksbycaroline

Snickers oatmeal  
1 portion  

1,5 dl oatmeal 
1 dl oat milk or soy milk  
0,5 dl water 
25 g Peanut Nutchup
100 g ripe banana (Measurements states without peel) 
A pinch of salt  
Agave syrup (can be excluded) 

20 g dark chocolate 
Roasted peanuts 
Peanut Nutchup

How to:   

  1. Mix the banana into a puree
  2. Put all ingredients in a saucepan and boil on low Stir until you are happy with the consistency. For a firmer consistency, add more oatmeal, for a looser consistency, add more oatmilk
  3. Taste. For a sweeter taste, add agave syrup
  4. Pour the porridge into a bowl and garnish with dark chocolate, peanuts and Nutchup